Sprytar FAQ’s

If you can’t find the answer to your question here then pleased do get in touch with us at info@sprytar.com

What is Sprytar?
Sprytar is a digital platform for Parks. Users of the App can find games about the park to play when they visit as well as other information such as trails around the park. There is also information about the parks history and ecology stored in our digital maps so that you can find out all there is to know about your local park.

Is Sprytar free?
Sprytar is free for users to download to their mobile phones but it usually paid for by the park owners.

Is there a limit to the amount of information that can be uploaded to Sprytar?
No, Sprytar’s digital platform allows for unlimited park features to be uploaded.

What is a beta test?
A beta test is the pre-release testing phase. For Sprytar it’s a period when we have released the app to the general public and are asking them to try it out. We are closely monitoring the way that people interact with it so that we can test the assumptions in behaviour that we have made whilst designing the app. Any feedback that you have for us in this period is really helpful so please do get in touch with us at info@sprytar.com

How many games are there?
The system is adapted to each site and so the number of games per park varies. We are developing new games with partners all the time, so keep an eye out for the additions

As an older person, will the games be for me?
Playwright George Bernard Shaw once said that you don’t stop playing when you get old, you grow old when your stop playing. These games are for everyone and we have designed them to be used by everyone.

Can I upload information to Sprytar?
We want to encourage interaction and would welcome new content for the park. To maintain quality the content of the system in each park is controlled, usually by the park authorities. If you have information that you’d like displaying in the app then get in touch with us and we’ll introduce you to the park authorities.

Why won’t Sprytar download to my phone?
Firstly, we are so sorry that you can’t get Sprytar. The Sprytar system uses mobile technology that wasn’t available a few years ago so although we run on 90% of phones in the UK market, some are not able to run this app. A basic rule of thumb is that your phone needs to be running Android 4.4 or iOS 9.3 upwards. In some instances, if Google recognises that the device will not be capable of running the app (because of storage limitations usually) it will also restrict its download.

Why won’t the Sprytes stop jumping around on my phone?
A Sprytes location is set by a GPS signal. If the GPS signal is not constant the Sprytes don’t quite know where to settle and so they jump around. GPS receivers can be reset by moving the handset in a figure of eight pattern. If this doesn’t resolve the issue it’s possible that your GPS receiver is either incompatible or damaged.

My GPS signal works fine with other apps. Why won’t it work with Sprytar?
GPS receivers are most commonly used with applications using maps. These map systems usually have a vector line laid along the centre of the road and the app takes the GPS signal and applies it to the nearest line. i.e. if you are close to a line then the map on your phone will show you as being on the line. This gives the appearance of a consistent signal even if the signal is inconsistent or weak. In a park these vectors are not possible as people travel in all directions and so it requires a higher quality signal to make the Spryte hover in one place. Please make sure your location series and GOS services are set to high accuracy on your phone.

Do you need 4G connectivity for the system to work?
No, we have designed this to be used “off grid” as so many parks are in rural locations. You will need to download the app from somewhere though. If there is no mobile phone signal onsite then you’ll need to do that before your visit.

Do I need an IPhone to play Sprytar?
No, the system is available on IOS and Android so most phones that run these systems will work.

If I give you my data how do I know you won’t misuse it?
We take data security and your right to privacy very seriously at Sprytar. That starts with ensuring that we don’t collect any data that isn’t directly used to enhance your Sprytar experience. With any additional data generated, such as how often the app has been downloaded and where on the site people have been visiting, we always ensure that we adhere to the relevant legislation. Please find more information about this in our privacy policy.